China's PR Campaign: Australia Edition

China doesn’t hesitate to speak out when it perceives it is being treated unfairly by regulators in the countries in which its SOEs or funds invest (see, for example, this prior post about Chinese investment being stigmatized in the U.S.).  The latest example: Australia.  From the Herald Sun:


Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce in Australia, Hu Shanjun, said Australia was still a popular place for Chinese groups to invest, but that could change.


Mr Hu, who also heads the Bank of China in Australia, said the Australian government remained suspicious of Chinese companies, especially state-owned enterprises, and it showed in their policies.


“Some new policies we think they are not very fair for Chinese investors,” Mr Hu said.


“They have certain limitations, especially for government-owned companies.”


“I think it is a bit unfair and also hurts Chinese investors’ feelings,” said Mr Hu, who spoke to AAP outside the Australia China Minerals Investment Summit in Darwin on Tuesday.

One example was that Chinese government-owned businesses had to seek approval even to rent an apartment, whereas other groups didn’t need to, Mr Hu said.


“If the Australian government has limitations and has restrictions, we will go to other countries to look for opportunities,” he said.


 Hurts Chinese investors’ feelings?


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