Lin, Chen & Qin: The effects of ownership types on enterprise innovation efficiency | Do industrial and regional heterogeneity matter?


Employing 72724 Chinese manufacturing enterprise data over the period between 2005 and 2007, This paper examines the effects of the ownership types of of enterprise on innovation efficiency and further analysis the industry heterogeneity, regional heterogeneity of different ownership enterprise innovation efficiency of the mechanism. The empirical findings suggest that: (1) the state-owned enterprise innovation efficiency is significantly lower than that of non-state-owned enterprises;(2)the industry concentration on enterprise innovation efficiency is negative, but state-owned property weakening the negative influence; Technical opportunity to promote enterprise innovation efficiency of role, but state-owned property and private property rights are weakening the role in promoting; Entry barriers to the enterprise innovation efficiency is negative; In Hong Kong, Macao industry capital penetration degree to enterprise’s innovation efficiency will take negative effects, but the state-owned property right of enterprises can weaken the negative effect; The foreign capital penetration degree could promote the enterprise to enhance the efficiency of innovation; The higher the degree of marketization, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises’ innovation ability is stronger. The empirical results for China’s current research to enhance the efficiency of enterprise innovation, especially in the enterprise ownership structure transformation, industry access of foreign capital and industry provides a very important reference value.

Available for download here (paywall).