Kahyaogullari: Public-Private Partnerships in Developing and Developed Countries – The UK and Turkish Cases


This study sets out to determine whether the process of adoption and implementation of PPP policy differs between developing and developed countries. Hence, by conducting an in-depth conceptual interrogation, first of all a template is formed to determine certain dissimilarities between developing and developed countries. Then using this template, Turkey, as a developing country, and the UK, as a developed country, is examined in order to set forth the relationship between the development level of a country and its PPP policy. The findings indicate that the PPP policy of developing and developed countries differs within five aspects: (i) how the policy penetrates into the political agenda, (ii) the government‟s aim in adopting PPP policy, (iii) the sectoral distribution, (iv) the form of PPP‟s and (v) the regulatory framework.


Available for download here.