World Bank: Implementing a Framework for Managing Fiscal Commitments from Public Private Partnerships

From the Introduction:

This note, “Implementing a Frame work for Managing Fiscal Commitments from Public Private Partnerships,” provides guidance on managing fiscal risks from Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) during approval and implementation. The note provides practical advice on how to: consistently identify and assess fiscal commitments arising from PPPs during project preparation and implementation; incorporate these into the project approval process, including budgeting for these appropriately; and strengthen the monitoring and reporting of fiscal commitments over the lifetime of the project. The note explains the fiscal commitments that can arise from PPP projects; why governments may find it difficult to assess and manage these fiscal commitments and incorporate them into project selection; and the key components of an institutional framework to manage fiscal commitments at both the development and implementation stages of a project, including the roles, responsibilities, and processes for managing PPP fiscal commitments. Finally, the note summarizes the key messages for Task Team Leaders when tackling this agenda, and it provides a subset of main readings on the topic.


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