Sengupta, Mukherjee & Gupta: Financing for Infrastructure Investment in G-20 Countries


This study looks into various sources of financing infrastructure and the demands for infrastructure investments and highlights the mismatch between demand and supply of funds for infrastructure financing in India. In order to address this mismatch, and given the constraints of traditional sources of infrastructure finance in India, this paper suggests credit enhancement scheme (CES) as an alternative framework for mobilizing long-term infrastructure finance. It suggests for scaling up CES as one of the options for leveraging global finance for long-term investment in infrastructure projects. The suggested scheme of credit enhancement could be scaled up at the G-20 level for mobilizing finance from sources which were earlier shying away from investing in infrastructure projects (e.g., pension and insurance fund). This study also suggests a possible structure for operationalizing this scheme at the G-20 level. The proposed scheme is not specific to G-20 countries, but could be used by other countries (including developing countries which have low sovereign ratings) to leverage long term finance for infrastructure sector.


Available for download here.