Public Funds Investment Policies: 2016 Survey

The Public Funds Investment Policies Survey is an annual publication, now in its fourth year, which surveys the current investment policy disclosures of the 25 largest (by AUM) sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) in the world, as listed by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute, and the 25 largest (by AUM) sovereign pension funds (SPFs). The policies reviewed in this survey were obtained directly from the funds when possible, using data available as of summer 2016. Because a minority of funds (primarily SWFs) do not disclose investment policies, caution should be used in interpreting these results. Many funds may have extensive internal policies but choose not to disclose these policies, and the lack of disclosure should not be taken as evidence that such policies do not exist. When possible, reference was made to other sources of data to corroborate or augment disclosed data.


Thanks to Yuxin Li and Paxton Endres for valuable research assistance.  The survey can be downloaded here.