LFG @ Ohio State

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Law, Finance and Governance is a non-partisan program of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law that links the legal and business knowledge of scholars, industry professionals, and policymakers to stimulate new ideas, encourage knowledge-sharing support research and foster networks. The focus of the program extends from capital markets to other forms of business activity outside the public markets, such as insurance, infrastructure, banking and public finance, all of which are important, especially to Moritz’s home communities of Columbus and Ohio.

The goal of the program is to generate open and vigorous exchange about the leading problems and issues in the financial and corporate arenas. The program aims to accomplish this goal through its educational programs and events for law students and the community of practitioners, regulators and business people. The program connects the expertise of the Moritz law community, including its many alumni, with the interdisciplinary strengths of The Ohio State University to produce the ideas, research and products that will provide critical information and guidance for law students, policymakers, the industry and scholars.

The program on Law, Finance and Governance  works in partnership with students and groups of the Moritz College of Law and with public and private organizations.




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